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        Tested with PostgreSQL database and Oracle Database.

        Create same table in both databases.
        CREATE TABLE test(id integer NOT NULL);

        Select File|New. In New select Business Tier|EJB. Select Entities from Tables.Click on OK. In Persistence Unit click on Next. A persistence unit is not required to be created.In Type of Connection select Online Database Connection. In Database Connection Details click on Create a new database connection link.For Connection Type select Oracle (JDBC) for Oracle Database. A Connection Type for PostgreSQL is not available. Select Generic JDBC for PostgreSQL. Specify the other connection parameters. In Select Tables select the test table. In Specify Entity Details the field type is java.lang.Object for PostgreSQL and java.math.BigDecimal for Oracle database. The field type is not editable. Because PostgreSQL Connection Type is not provided and Generic JDBC is used the field mapping is not specific to the PostgreSQL database but a generic mapping to java.lang.Object is used.

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          PostgreSQL JDBC is not supported for Entity mapping. Use one of the supported databases:
          Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2.
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            Hm.. Is there any other way? Like Modules or something else special for postgresql?

            Or which alternative database would you suggest?
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              Open source MySQL would be a suitable alternative to open source PostgreSQL.
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