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    SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) in APEX Help

    Joe R


      I'm trying to use the SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) in APEX

      I have a link set up in a query:
            ,CASE WHEN ft.feature_id IN (SELECT cc.feature_id
                                         FROM customer_commitments cc
                                         WHERE ft.feature_id = cc.feature_id
                                        ) THEN DECODE(:REQUEST, 'CSV', 'Yes', '<a class=feature_commitments *href*=f?p=&APP_ID.:81:&SESSION.::NO::P81_FEAT_NUM_DESC_SRCH:'||ft.feature_id||'><font color="blue"><u>Yes</u></font></a>')
                                          ELSE 'No'
             END "Commitment_Exists"
      FROM feature ft
      The receiving page, 81, contains an Interactive Report with the Page Template set to "Popup".

      The calling page, 80, has a Dynamic Action:
      When -> Event: Click
      When -> Selection Type: jQuery Selector -> a.feature_commitments
      When -> Condition: No Condition

      In the TRUE Actions section:
      Identification -> Action -> SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) [Plug-In]

      Execution Options -> Fire When Event Result Is -> True

      Settings -> URL Location -> Attribute of Triggering Element
      Settings -> Attribute Name -> href
      Settings -> Auto-close On Element Selector -> div#success-message
      Settings -> Dialog Height/Width Mode -> Auto
      Settings -> Modal Page ID -> NULL

      When I click the link for the "Commitment Exists" on the report the modal window does not display. The report on page 81 displays like a normal link would branch to.

      Can someone help me with getting this plug-in set up?