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    Remove trailing slash


      I noticed that WebLogic automatically adds a slash after each URL when it corresponds to a folder.
      For instance, when I deploy the Web Application "myapp" on "myserver", the following redirection occurs: http://myserver/myapp -> http://myserver/myapp/

      The problem is, since we have a SSL offloader in front of the WebLogic server, the following redirections occur when the user is trying to open a page in HTTPS without the trailing slash:

      (SSL offload) --> http://myserver/myapp
      (WebLogic redirection) --> http://myserver/myapp/

      Hence the end-user ends up facing a HTTP page when he requested HTTPS if he doesn't enter the trailing slash, which is very confusing.

      Is there a way to tell WebLogic not to add the trailing slash? I tried UrlRewriteFilter as explained here: http://waoewaoe.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/rewrite-url-for-webapp-similar-to-htaccess/ but with no success.

      Thanks by advance,