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    Re-generation of WSDL causes schemalocation tag to change

      We cloned our production instance to a qa instance. After cloning I regenerated the wsdl's using the "Integration Repository" "Regenerate WSDL" button. One of the regenerated wsdl's now contains schemalocation tags that are different the source instance.

      The key difference between these two WSDL's is found in the schemaLocation attribute. An example of the difference is:

      From the production WSDL:
      <include schemaLocation="http://ebs.xxxserver.com:8010/webservices/SOAProvider/plsql/xxmsc_inv_tnt_product_pkg/APPS_ISG_GETALLPRODUCTTYPES_XXMSC_INV_TNT_PRODUCT_PKG-24GE4.xsd"/>

      From the qa WSDL:
      <include schemaLocation="http://devorapp1.xxxserver.com:8050/webservices/SOAProvider/plsql/xxmsc_inv_tnt_product_pkg/APPS_ISG_GETALLPRODUCTTYPES_XXMSC_INV_TNT_PRODUCT_PKG-24GE8.xsd"/>

      Note the difference in the xsd file names. Source xsd ends in 24GE4.xsd. Cloned xsd ends in 24GE8.xsd.

      Is there a way to make the qa wsdl match the production wsdl ?

      Thank you,