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    Read only Rich Text Editor

      APEX 4.2.1

      The built-in Rich Text Editor item type. I have a page that uses dynamic actions to set the value of this item with the appropriate HTML. Basically, the idea is to show some pre-formatted text as a preview for some function used elsewhere in the app.

      Only the DA is allowed to change the value of the item. To indicate this, is there a way to prevent manual input into the input texatrea?

      Using the Read Only condition type makes it lose all the HTML formatting. Using readonly or disabled in the HTML Form Element Attributes doesn't appear to do anything.

      Help? Thanks
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          I have found the same problem on Application Express and have not found a solution as such. However I have read the following, but I have not had the time to investigate it.

          I hope the following link is of some help

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            Thanks but I don't think that link relates to my question. Anyway, it is not a big deal, as long as the user knows that the rich text editor item is meant as a display-only item and any changes made directly to it will be discarded.