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    Selection in the master table is not getting reflected in the child table

      <p> I have a 4 level master detail relationship.I have a bounded taskflow where I have a master in the first view.The child (The other two levels as a tree) in the second view.I move to second view when i click the command link(Each row has a command link) of the master table (present in the first view).</p>
      <p>At the very first time when i try to insert a row in the child it's successful .I am able to see the same in the second view (The corresponding child of the master row which i have clicked).The 2 view is not refreshed i have panel strech layout in the 2 view which i am refreshing(PPR) on inserting the row. The master table is not refreshed as it is in the 1 view.I am not manipulating the master table but it was being set to the first row the second time .Added to that the 2 view doesn't have parent table .
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          impossible to answer with the information you provide. Instead of explaining the layout you should spend time on giving us an idea of the JDeveloper version, mention that the VO are dependent in the data control panel and that the task flows use shared data control. Then you would (without data manipulation) test the read use case (select master, navigate to next etc.) and tell us if this works or not. If the update case fails, then the question is if there is a rollback or commit operation involved, which would re-query the VO and thus set back the row currency. Can you verify ?

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            Hi Frank,
            I am using jdev and integrated wls.
            I have a single taskflow.I have a 4 level master detail.The vo's are connected through a view link . I have dropped the first level as a table . On selecting a row the corresponding children are displayed.The children are displayed as a tree. I have a tree context menu where i have inserted a row using popup . When the user clicks on the ok dialog i am commiting the data and refreshing the tree.
            Now the problem is when i first create the row it's working properly . After when i try to create another row this time the currency of the first level is reset to the first row.

            As suggested by you i have tried disabling the commit opertion . But the issue still occurs.


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