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    using @XREF


      This is my first time using Xref and I passed through the documents but couldn't get it. Appreciate your help

      My Case is as below,

      Account A source plan3 and Valid for plan1 and Plan3.
      Account B source plan1 and valid for plan1 and plan3

      I am calculating the value of account A and I need to refrenced this value in Account B (Plan1)
      There are two dimensions which are valid for Plan3 but not for Plan1 (Dimension C and D)

      I wrote BR as below but it didn't work as expected

      FIX (including dimensions of Plan1)

      B = @XREF (A,C,D)


      where B is the account of Plan1
      and A is the account of plan3 ,
      C & D are the members in the accounts that are valid only for plan3 and I need their values in plan1.

      Thanks in advance.
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          First thing you need to execute the script in the target cube, suppose u want to fetch the value of A from plan 1 into B which is in Plan B then you should execute it in Plan B..
          In your script, you are missing the location alias which is reference of the source cube.
          The script should be:
          FIX (including dimensions of Plan1)

          B = @XREF (_Location_Alias_,A,C,D);


          You can create the location alias in EAS console..

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            Hi Sourabh,

            Thank you for your reply, I confirm that I am writing the BR in the target database and also using the code as the below (i just missed the sourceDB when posted it here)

            But you highlighted something which is creation of location alias in EAS console ?!

            Should I create this on EAS ? I thought this is automatically done on planning app with multiple cubes, Can you provide me with documentation links on how to create this location alias ?

            FIX (including dimensions of Plan1)

            B = @XREF (Plan3,A,C,D);


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              If you have a location alias and if you are referring the same variable. then no need to create it..
              If your script is not working, then it might be the issue of block creation in the target
              cube where you are running this script.
              Create block for that combination and then run the script...and if it works,
              then you have to write the block creation logic...

              Hope this helps.......

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                Thank you Sourabh, I needed to use SET CREATENONMISSINGBLK ON;