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    Business rule logic

      Hi all,

      I have a situation where two of my dimension does the same job. Department dim and cost centre dim with 1 to 1 mapping between them( cant convince ppl on this logic). So in one of my rules i have fixed around 50 departments out of 250 available. now i want the rule to calculate values only for the corresponding costcentres. so i had my rule something like this.
      Fix(depart1, depart2, depart3...depart50)
      fix(01-01-01,01-02-02,....05-02-05) /* cc codes are the members of this dim*/
      Do something
      /* alias if depart member is like CC_01-01-01 resp)*/

      But this rule takes long time to run and eventually throws error saying not enough cache space, though ive already increased the caches size to a big number.

      Please do help me with this logic.


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          Your script is doing lot of work like comparing and concatenating the members to get the cost centres.
          Set the cache's in the Essbase configuration file. and use the set commands to refer the high cache value.

          CALCCACHE Default "value"
          CALCCACHE High "value"
          CALCCACHE Low "value"

          This you can use in ur calc script...............
          SET CACHE HIGH;

          Hope this helps.........