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    Convergence 2u5 - How to get ISO Week Number in calendar View ?


      Convergence seems to be displaying "US Standard" week numbers (for instance 02/27/2013 is week 8).
      I don't see any option to display European/ISO week numbers (02/27/2013 is week *9*).

      You can test on this page : http://www.onlineconversion.com/day_week_number.htm

      Tested with Convergence 2u4 and 2u5.

      Technically, Convergence currently relies on dojo to compute WeekNumber (kernel.js calls dojo.date.locale.format which calls dojo.date.locale._getWeekOfYear which uses US Standard).
      The method dojox.date.posix.getIsoWeekOfYear could be called to get ISO week numbering.

      EDIT: ok, known issue.

      And :

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