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    JVM sizing

      What is the recommended sizing of JVM (in terms of Java heap, GC, other java config properties) for a server that has 24 core cpu, 32 GB ram, JVM OpenJDK1.6?
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          It doesn't depend on the hardware directly, it depends on what you'll be running on it. This is a case of monitoring and scaling accordingly, you can't predict it ahead except for "if you're going to use a lot, give a lot". Garbage collection might need some attention though, I suggest you read the documentation to pick a proper strategy for your current AND future requirements.

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            Thanks for the quick reply. I will check that out.

            Right now, my problem is that my application has a very high volume of transactions. It comes to a point that it consumes TCP window buffer size and when the size is not enough, the application suddenly stops and gets disconnected. I'm not sure what causes that.