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    Regarding Product Class Import


      Just wanted to Know Can we import the product class in Production enviornment.

      What i understand that even if we import but we cannot map to product Spec and will need the deployment . Is this undertanding current..

      Thanks In advance
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          Product classes can be imported to DS(Design Studio) in design time and should be mapped to ProdSpec manually.
          When this mapping is performed in design studio, productClassMapping.xml will be formed which will further used in mapping/validating the upstream products to OSM product specs.

          Yes, you need deployment when you are trying to add new product classes into OSM.

          Instead of adding prod specs to your orchestration/som cartridge, have a separate cartridge for maintaining product specs and product classes wherein you can refer these from your orchestration/som cartridges. So that your deployment only involves changes in product classes/spec.

          Guys, correct me if anything wrongly mentioned above.

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            That's correct.

            But ProductClassMapping.xml can be changed at run time, if you want to add new product class to product spec by adding it to xml file.
            So Please place you productClassMapping.xml file in you domain folder or any where and read it from there. No need to build and deploy.
            If you are accessing it from resource, then you need to deploy every time you change something.

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              Thanks for the answer!

              Just for clarification However i place my prodactmap.xml in my domain folder .. But whenever i need to import a new product class in OSM from Siebel, Thats the cartridge change and will that not require the deployment or just adding those details to productmap.Xml will do..

              And how does this work in PIP. What i know is We specify the URL which corresponds to AIA and that in turn fetches in the detail and imports in OSM. So is this not a design time activity ?