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    Need Help Downloading New Agent Software


      I think I am misunderstanding the situation and am seeking clarification, hopefully I can explain this clearly. I am working with OEM 12c attempting to add a target manually, Setup -> Add Targets -> Add Targets Manually and then choose Add Hosts. I specify Host Name and then get to the page where the information is entered. The host is a Windows 64-bit server and I see that under the platform drop down but it indicates that the agent software is not available. As I understand it at this point I must go to Setup -> Extensibility -> Self Update and download the management agent software. This is where my confusion arises.

      I am unable to deploy the agent for this server as it was installed after the repository backup so I must delpoy it manually. I have been able to deploy agents on other windows boxes using the upgrade console. I downloaded all the necessary plugins initially upon configuration of the 12c Upgrade Console so the plugins are there on the OMS server.

      From what I have found it appears I must use EMCLI (which I have configured) to import the plugin. This is where I am getting confused as I am not sure what the appropriate steps to take are. Do I use EMCLI to import the agent and do I use one of the plugins already on the OMS server or must I in fact download something else? This is where I am getting confused. Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman