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    Importing Dump

      Hi Experts.

      I have downloaded the file i.e Dump File .Now i want to import into the database,How to do that?

      Please advice.
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          Sasi  Nagireddy
          You mean Sample Dump File into the database

          Here the steps:-
          Connect to SQLPLUS

          Create user Dump identified by pwd;
          grant dba to dump;

          Now come out from sqlplus and in the command prompt do the following.

          You want to import data only "Y" "N" ---- "N'
          Buffer Size ---- "999999"
          From there every thing give "N"

          Do let me know if it is confusing i can guide you.


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            Sasi  Nagireddy
            Do let me know if it is confusing,

            Below my mail id :-


            Send a test a mail i can help u.