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    New installation of VM Manager, taking over VM Servers, data loss?

    Ben A
      My 3.1.1 VM Manager installation which I tried to update to 3.2.1 is broken. I don't know if it's the OracleDB-backed OVS repository or the application itself, but it's broken. I'm waiting on Oracle to tell me how to fix it.

      In the meantime I have four Oracle VM Servers. Two are at version 3.1.1 and running four guests each. Two are at version 3.2.1 (installed as 3.1.1 and yum updated) and have no guests yet. Each one is in its own pool. All of them have local repositories on them which contain VM guest disk images (in the case of the 3.1.1 boxes) and installation ISOs. Everything is local storage only. If I run up a new Oracle VM Manager (at version 3.2.1) with a whole new repository (probably a local MySQL in 3.2.1) DB and take ownership of the four VM Servers will I get everything 'back'? That is to say, will I see the pools they're in, their guests and their local repositories, etc.?

      I'm running out of patience with Oracle to get my broken-by-update VM Manager working again but am worried that if I abandon it (and the OracleDB repository it was using) I'll lose vital things.

      Can someone help me out, please?

      With thanks,