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    Custom Error Message


      how to custom the error message?
      e.g. there is error: Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW) and followed by SQL statement.

      it makes user panic and unnecessarily disclose presentation layer info by the SQL.

      Any idea to hide it or custom such kind of error message?

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          I have delete the message: Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW) in odbcaccessmessages.xml file

          anyone know how to delete the "+Error Deails" as well.

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            Hyder Mehtawala
            To remove/hide the "+Error Details", you can apply the below CSS at dashboard level:

            - Click on Edit Dashboard where you want to hide the error details.
            - Add a Text object to the page and paste the below code in it.


            - Ensure to check 'Contains HTML markup' option.
            - Save the page and run the dashboard. This should hide the "+Error Details" part.

            If you want to apply this across all dashboards, you can add this CSS to custom.css file. You need to add the tags in custom.css file present in these 2 locations:


            After making the changes, restart the presentation services, clear the browser cache and refresh the dashboard page.

            Note: Making this change would mean you will not be able to see details of ANY error. Would become difficult in scenarios where you are looking to debug an issue.

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              Hi Hyder,

              It works. Thank you very much.


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