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    OLM R12 - Evaluate Icon not visible


      I created a course and class
      I added evalutaion to the couse using 'Add Evaluation'
      I selected the Question Bank for course as well as for default class.
      Learner completed the course and got notification to fill the evalution in the Learning History page.
      But on Learning History page, the Evaluate or Sign icon is not visible. Play button is also not visible
      Please help

      Thanks & Regards
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          Have you checked for mandatory completion of the evaluation?
          This needs to be done during assigning of evaluation to a class. Please try making that mandatory.

          And then please try the following again:
          first enroll >> then pending evaluation >> evaluate >> then completed...
          if its an online class then it completes automatically after evaluation is completed.

          If an online class is completed, then the status automatically changes to pending evaluation [if the evaluation is mandatory] and if you are administering the class attendance then you have to manally move the employee to status pending evaluation.

          When the status is changed to pending, now go to the home page and check if the evaluation option is visible. Now you can complete the evalution. Afetr the evaluation is complete, the class status automatically changes to complete.
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            Thanks for the info...It is working now :)