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    interconnect ip is not visible in /etc/hosts !!

      Hi, all.

      The db is on a linux machine. (2-node RAC)
      select * from v$cluster_interconnects;
      bond1:1     NO
      The ip address does not exists in /etc/hosts.

      Does this mean mis-configuration for interconnector?

      Thanks in advance.
      Best Regards.

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          Hi, the environment of this article is Sun, but has a good explanation :


          Bruno Reis.
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            Silly question, did you enter it in the /etc/hosts?
            Did you configure the "correct" IP address when you did the install?
            or did you enter a host alias that is in DNS as the address you see?

            Does the cluster work? if the interconnect is not configured your cluster will not work.

            For others reading this, if you are going to be a RAC DBA, you need to become as much a SYS/NET/SAN admin as you are a DBA so you are able to troubleshoot simple issues like this.
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              send the results of this pls . onwards HAIP is configured on top of private interconnect and that IP is usd for internode communiction. (169

              select a.INSTANCE_NAME, b.NAME, b.IP_ADDRESS
              from gv$cluster_interconnects b,
              gv$instance a
              where a.inst_id=b.inst_id;
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                Hi Friend,

                Please check the following :

                1. IP Addresses are configured using one of the following options :

                a. Oracle Grid Naming Service (GNS) Using one static address defined during your installation.
                b. Static addresses that network administrators assign on a network domain name server (DNS) for each node (In your case two nodes)

                2. Public IP must registered in the domain name server (DNS) or the /etc/hosts file.

                Finally, the cluster must have the following  :

                1. Public IP for each node
                2. Virtual IP for each node
                3. Private IP for each node
                4. Single Client Access Name (SCAN) for the cluster

                Hope it Helps..

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