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    How to get previous values based on date filters


      i have two fields gldate and startdate

      gldate values are like 1/31/2011,2/28/2011,3/31/2011,4/30/2011,5/31/2011 ...

      startdate values 1/1/2011,2/1/2011,3/1/2011,4/1/2011,5/1/2011 ...

      i need a condition like gldate<startdate

      if startdate is 11/1/2011 then i get all the values before 11/1/2011 values

      im using filter for date filed

      let us filter values is startdate--11/1/2011 and gldate is 11/30/2011 but that cond falls

      how to get this condition

      plz its urgent to me