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    How to asynchronously load a tree in POJO(JavaBean) DataControl

      To asynchronously load a tree, one way is to write logic in JavaBean and use af:tree's discloseListener.
      I want to know if there is a simpler way by implementing some interface in my POJO(JavaBean) DataControl.

      Here "asynchronously load a tree" means:
      1. At first, the 1st level of the tree nodes are loaded to my POJO DataControl.
      2. When user disclose a tree node, the direct children of that node are loaded to my POJO DataControl.

      I don't want to use af:tree's disclosureListener and write code explicitly in a bean to achieve this.
      I want to know, if there is some function to overwrite in my POJO DataControl, so the adf framework will call the function automatically to achieve this.

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