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    need help in SOA 10g , please help me.

      Hi All ,

      I am using 10g.

      I had requirement to send output of 2 custom SQL to another process .
      say for example, i have table emp and document and for single empid field i have multiple documents. i need to transform in such a way that details from emp along with multiple documents for the corresponding empid. I fetch details seperately from EMP and multiple document details corresponding to empid, and i used two transformation.
      But in this case second transformation overiding the first. and in my second process am recieved only second transformation details.

      in emp table i have in document table i have
      empname , empid, dept, place empid document1,document2
      (= to above)empid document3,document4

      i need to send data to to other process in such a way that empid, empname,dept,place,doc1,doc2,doc3,doc4

      Please help me how can i do this in 10g ? i made SQL to fetch all details but while transforming am failing. Please help me out. Thank you in advance.