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    Issue with recover standby database command

    Karan Kukreja
      Hi All ,

      OS : solaris sparc 9

      DB version 11gr2

      Too many archives were generated on the prod instance so BCP had gone out of synch and unfortunately we had to remove the archives also. We went forward with the rollforward approach . But now we are facing a strange issue , while issuing recover standby database now we are getting the below error :
      SQL> recover standby database;
      ORA-00279: change 10505773008414 generated at  needed for thread 1
      ORA-00289: suggestion : /archive/oracle/1_1_718997430.dbf
      ORA-00280: change 10505773008414 for thread 1 is in sequence #1
      Now the archive which is it asking is the first archive that was generated in the DB.

      Can anyone please suggest how to fix the issue ? we are unable to find any supporting docs on metalink/net.