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    rac migration

      I am into oracle 11gr2..please suggest me on any database migration documents.

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          Beyond suggesting that you attend a course (I'm running a relevant course, online, in a couple of weeks) I don't see how a forum can answer such a huge question.

          This sounds like a project of some size, specially when considered with the other question you posted. Many organizations, no matter how competent their on-site staff are, do like to bring in some outside assistance to help in such circumstances: this will usually reduce the time, cost, and disruption. There would be no shame in informing your management that you need some consultancy support for this exercise.
          John Watson
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          OP's post has been edited into something completely different. Very odd. I stand by my response, though.
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            it depends what you need and mean 'to migrate'
            if you just need to transfer data then use:
            expdp and impdp tools (IMO, the easiest), consider other things like external tables (if you have), tablespace remaping (possible since 11g), etc.
            Another ways are:
            - RMAN backup and recovery (you may reorganize this way RAC to single instance and vice verse)
            - transportable tablespaces.
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              Anju Garg
              Please visit the following link to view detailed demonstration of migration of a RAC database :


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                How about you actually read the RAC Installation guides. If you have the systems, get the guides and start testing. I installed and reinstalled many times so I completely understood how it works. Just getting someones "blog" on how they did it may not meet your environment or requirements. READ INSTALL TEST REPEAT