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    html5 type="number" input field - new and easy way to implement?

      Hi guys,

      this is an old issue.
      There is a Plugin for that by Peter Raganitsch. Another way (which is not very pleaseant thou) is to change the type attribut of the input field with javascript.

      We have a 4.2 Smartphone app under development with up tp 50 input fields, which are now set to type="tel", because that's what APEX 4.2 provides. However, because you get a more suitable keyboard on mobile devices for our purposes, we decided to set them to type="number".

      But before I go on inserting all those items anew with the plugin by Raganitsch and deleting the old ones and changing the column identifiers etc., I wondered if there is an easier way now with the 4.2 smart phone GUI to adjust the existing fields ?

      Thanks for any suggestions,