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    BPM11g-LDAP Roles

      Hi All,

      I am stuck with the following issue.

      I am using Jdeveloper for BPM 11g implementation on Sales Application.
      I have Weblogic Server 10.3.3 Installed and configured the domain. Also the server is up and running.

      In Jdeveloper from BPM Project Navigator I am using my Sales.bpmn process with complete flow, simulation
      and implementation. When I open the Organization from BPM Project Navigator. In Organization my created roles
      are Approvers, Business Practices, Contracts and Sales Rep. from the IDE connections I created my weblogic
      application server connection and tested showing all the 9 connections successful.

      In the Identity lookup I select the newly created My weblogic application server connection, which displays
      the next Realm field as jazn.com which in the search pattern of lookup displays only weblogic and system user.
      At this point I need the pre-seeded LDAP roles as (jcooper, cdickens, jstein, wfaulk and others) to be displayed
      in the users list.

      My query is how we use the pre-seeded roles in the LDAP of the Oracle Weblogic Server installed.
      How do I add the pre-seeded roles in the LDAP of Oracle Weblogic Server ?

      Awaiting quick response.


      Ajaz Ahmed
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          Ravi Jegga
          Hi Ajaz
          The last note in this post should help you. There is a simple Servlet that should be deployed to SAO Server and run it. It will create all the users, groups and mappings for them.

          Re: Realm is not populated for BPM app

          Ravi Jegga
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            Hi Ravi,

            Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I was able to create the LDAP users as roles and could see them in jazn.com lookup.

            I have another issue now. I successfully deployed my process, without any errors and warnings, Build was successful. Deployment was finished as
            [05:08:56 PM] /workflow/EnterQuotUILab
            [05:08:56 PM] /workflow/BusinessPracticesReviewUILab
            [05:08:56 PM] /workflow/ApproveTermsUILab
            [05:08:56 PM] /workflow/ApproveDealUILab
            [05:08:56 PM] /workflow/FinalizeContractsUILab
            [05:08:56 PM] Elapsed time for deployment: 1 minute, 56 seconds
            [05:08:56 PM] ---- Deployment finished. ----

            When I am logging in BPM workspace with URL as

            On the Upper left of the Applications Area, I can see the link as [QuoteProcessLab] RequestQuoteLab v1.0
            when clicked on the just completed application I get the following error popped up as

            Cannot create instance in process

            Please correct me where I am wrong. How the Instance Process is created after successful deployment of application.
            Please Advice.


            Ajaz Ahmed
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              Please look at your logs. There should be definitely some exceptions in the logs indicative of the issue.