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    Oracle Grid 11201 installation fails on OEL5

      Hi Gurus,

      I'm trying to configure RAC on my personal laptop with vmware 9.
      Rac nodes OS: OEL 5
      Grid: 11201

      below is my /etc/hosts
      # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
      # that require network functionality will fail. rac1.potluri.com localhost.localdomain localhost
      ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 rac1.dba.com rac1 rac2.dba.com rac2
      #Private rac1-priv.dba.com rac1-priv rac2-priv.dba.com rac2-priv
      #Public rac1-vip.dba.com rac1-vip rac2-vip.dba.com rac2-vip
      #SCAN racdb-scan.dba.com racdb-scan
      # racdb-scan.dba.com racdb-scan
      # racdb-scan.dba.com racdb-scan

      Ping is fine between both nodes and even sshconnectivity is.

      I'm getting error INS40904 ORACLE_HOSTNAME doesnot resolve to a valid hostname.

      eventhough my hostname and ORACLE_HOSTNAME values point to rac1.dba.com
      [ora11g@rac1 grid]$ echo $ORACLE_HOSTNAME
      [ora11g@rac1 grid]$ hostname