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    how to add OVM Server to EMGC12c

      Hi all,
      I need to know how to manage my Oracle VM server release 3.1.1 with OEMGC12c

      I installed the pluging during the installation but I do not find any good manuals how to manage ovm with EMGC12c

      So by trying to discover the EM12 I try to use an "auto discovery" the EMGC does not find anything and do not provide any information about what he does and what he expect. The status of the discovery is succeeded but no host was found. I discoverd directly on the IP on my OVM

      On the OVM side the agent is up and running and the firewall is disabled.
      Or does I need to stop the OVM Agent and need to install the EMGC12 Agent ?

      Bye the way does it is the right way to add an OV Server to EMGC12 ?

      Thanks for help.

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