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    Suppress a dynamic action loading GIF?

    Kevan Gelling
      I've created a change event dynamic action which fetches a description from the database for a user-entered code. When this is run in Firefox, a swirling loading image is displayed next to the description.

      However, the loading image causes anything displayed its right to be moved out and then back again when it disappears. On a form with lots of dynamic actions this can be quite disconcerting so I'd like to stop it.

      Can a dynamic action's loading image be suppressed?

      APEX inserts the following HTML alongside the input field:
      <span class="apex-loading-indicator"></span>
      One option is to apply "display: none;" to the "apex-loading-indicator" class but this could affect other loading images that use the same class.

      Note: This affects Firefox (18) but not IE9