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Commit in Trigger

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Hi All,

Can I use commit inside trigger.If I can, in which scenario it is needed and how can it be used?

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    ccortez Journeyer
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    Hello SB2013

    Yes you can use the commit statement inside a trigger.

    I give you two scenarios:

    1- You have a button item in a canvas and in it's trigger WHEN-BUTTON-PRESS you have an insert statement, so you want to save the insertion you must use a commit statement.

    2- You want to overwrite for example a trigger that already has the commit functionality but you want to perform a validation before use the commit statement.

    Hope my explanation helps you :)

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    Assuming you are talking about Forms triggers and not database triggers...

    It depends on the trigger. If it is just a when-button-pressed trigger on a "Save" or "Commit" button, then yes.

    I wouldn't use a commit after a sql Insert, because doing a commit anywhere in your form commits ALL work done up to that point.
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    Hi Steve ,
    I am talking about database triggers.I got this question in an interview.This is one part of the question.
    The other part is:
    Can we write DML statements in trigger?If yes then where this statements will be commited?
    Thanks in advance for Your help.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Hi Ccortez,

    Thanks for your help. I think you have answered this question by keeping forms trigger in mind.But I have asked about the database trigger.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    FrançoisDegrelle Oracle ACE
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    Wrong forum. This is the Oracle Forms forum.
    You should ask in the SQL or database forum. (commit cannot be used in a database trigger).



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