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    Issue with publisher taskflow in portal application.

      I am using the publisher taskflow in oracle webcenter portal application. In the portal application, I am facing issues with the attach link. , which we use to upload documents:

      There are two things in the taskflow:

      One is the logic to display the link. (the link is visible if the document library is configured. This can be done programmatically as well. Was able to find this code in one of the communities. And this issue is resolved.)

      The second part is the actual document upload.

      When a user tries to upload a document, what happens is that it tries to access the following folder in UCM:

      /PersonalSpaces/<Username>/Public .
      If this folder is not there then the logic creates the code.

      What is happening is that when I login with an admin user,( say weblogic on 92 ) the code works perfectly fine, I am able to connect to UCM successfully and upload documents as well.
      However for a non admin user, the connection is not happening , there is some permission related issue with the normal user. He is not able to access this folder in UCM.

      I discussed this with the UCM team here, in there case , they are just retrieving data from the portal application and they do not face this issue with normal users.