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    Task flow query

      Hi I have a question that I need some help with. I am new to ADF so maybe i am going about this the wrong way so if someone can advise me on the best way to approach this it would be great.

      My scenario is:

      I have a jsf page with a backing bean that will have a property accountNumber
      I have a bounded task flow that takes account number as an input param.
      What is the best way to start/refresh the task flow when the property on the backing bean 1)gets filled and 2) when it updates. Maybe this is not the best way to do this - if not what is?

      I have seen examples of task flows bound to data controls but is it possible to bind to a backing bean or even an input text that is hidden on the page.

      Just to explain why I am doing this - we have an oracle form applet running in the same page - when the user enters an account number on the applet i want to fire a dynamic region beside the applet to show some adf components with better visual information about the account.



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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          assuming the managed bean has a setter/getter method pair for accountNumber and the task flow is exposed in a region

          1. Set autosubmit="true" on the accountNumber field
          2. Inthe PageDef file, look in the executables section for the task flow binding. Open the property inspector and set the "Refresh" property to "ifNeeded". Then expand the task flow binding to see the input parameter of the task flow. Reference #{managedBean.accountNumber} to provide the task flow input
          3. Select the af:region tag and in the Property Inspector set its PartialProperties property value to point to the accountNumber field ID

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            Thanks Frank I will give it a go after the weekend and let you know.
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              Hi Frank

              In the process of trying your solution - having one issue that you may know an easy solution to. I have used an input text field to test changing the account number however the field used for the where clause is a oracle.jbo.domain.Number type so i am getting a problem when using the value from the input text as my input param.I have tried using a converter but the Number value is of type java.lang.number - how do I convert the input text to oracle.jbo.domain,Number?