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    Differences between commands

      Hi all,

      I need to know the differences between commands

      **insync -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w XXXX -s XX02:389**


      ReplicaDn Consumer Supplier Delay
      dc=example,dc=cl XXXXds01:389 XXXX02:389 0 * Disabled Replication Agreement: no subsequent warnings given


      *./dsconf show-repl-agmt-status -h XXXXds01 -p 389 'dc=example,dc=cl' XXXXds02:389*


      Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:
      Configuration Status : OK
      Authentication Status : OK
      Initialization Status : OK

      Status : Enabled
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          todd grayson - oracle
          most likely your insync command line is not formed correctly. When run properly, it would show the difference in time for last update handled by the servers in the replication topology. Note you have -c and -s as variations of suppliers and consumers.

          The insync command line you are indicating is showing your running the command with a node that has replication disabled in relationship to the second node given. You might see this if both the node you are running the command locally on, and the other node you are indicating in the command switches is a consumer as well (neither has an agreement to the other?) You have two possible cases for the switch, have you tested both. One could be a supplier ( -s) vs when the other node is a consumer (-c)

          The man page reference guide has a breakdown of the host spec portion of the command line here: