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    How to log incoming requests in Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

      Is there a way to log the requests at the OHS level that come from an end-user requesting a URL for my application? I would like to grab the request time down to the milliseconds level and the IP address of the user making the request. Our environment setup is OHS gets hit first, it forwards requests onto WebLogic (v10.3.4.0) which is load-balanced w/3 managed servers, then if needed requests are made from WebLogic to the Oracle DB (v11g). Is this easily doable? If so, can you point me in the right direction?
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          anjhawar - oracle
          I think you can enable WLS plugin log in case you are using it. You can even use access logging for the same or implement custom access logging:


          You can even add the following in the application (if you are using custom application):

          System.out.println("servlet path= " + request.getServletPath());
          System.out.println("request URL= " + request.getRequestURL());
          System.out.println("request URI= " + request.getRequestURI());

          But I think the custom logger (as mentioned in the above doc) would be more viable option.