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    Initialize remote replica DS 5.2 to ODSEE

      We are migrating our DS 5.2 servers to ODSEE We've successfully setup replication agreements from our 5.2 Instance to our Instance and vice versa. Both servers are configured as masters. Schema files are consistent between the two instances.

      Is it possible to migrate the data from our 5.2 instance to our through an Initialization of our replication agreement?

      The 5.2 Administration console spits out the following when trying the Remote Initialization:

      Increment update session has failed and requires a total update - System error. Error Code: -1

      I understand I can cleanly shut down the old 5.2 Instance and migrate the configuration and data over manually or using the dsmig utility. I'm just curious regarding other options.

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          todd grayson - oracle
          You can not use the classic 5.2 java console to trigger online initialization to a node in the topology. The 11.x DSCC web GUI will not allow you to manage the 5.2x instances either. (you might see 'ghost' entries representing the masters in the topology.

          Review the discussion on mixed release replication configuration, here. While your migration might not flow as the scenarios described, its still important to be aware of the mixed topology requirements and limitations.


          Generally speaking you would do an LDIF based initialization in this scenario. So if you have the MMR set up and the 11.x suffix is empty (needs to be initialized with data)

          db2ldif on the 5.2x instance, make sure to include 'replication data'
          gzip if necessary and bring that file over to your 11.x server, unpack
          do an offline import to your 11.x MMR instance(s) (see dsadm import command)
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            Thanks for your response.

            We've migrated the 5.2 DS server to the instance using dsmig with the -R switch and imported the current ldif with replication information.

            The tricky part was setting the replication manager password to a known value on the DS. Once that was complete and a rep agreement set up on the 5.2 instance replication seems to start fine.