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    Different last page per printed invoice instead of at the end of the doc


      I have a template for an invoice which has a final page called a delivery manifest which is a summary of the invoice for the driver.

      I have a section break(Next Page) and this contains the body for the delivery manifest which uses a different header and footer than all of the other pages.

      When my report prints, if I am printing more than one invoice, the output is Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Delivery Manifest 1, Delivery Manifest 2.

      The requirements have requested a desired output collation of Invoice 1, Delivery Manifest 1, Invoice 2, Delivery Manifest 2.

      To make this change, I attempted to use the


      <?end body?>

      around what was already printing instead of the <?for-each@section:On_Payment_Terms_S3?><?end for-each?> that was there.

      When I attempted to preview this, word hung up, and seemed to be stuck in an infinite looping process, instead of producing output. I had to force close it.

      Is there a way to modify the template to get the desired order of printing, or should I inform the necessary party that they'll have to be satisfied with the current output sequence?


      PS template and xml sample can be provided upon request.