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    How to create a Navigation Model  in the page template + portlets,taskflows

      Technology Area : WebCenter portal application and WebCenter portlets – Oracle 11g Using Jdeveloper

      Issue Description: How to create a Navigation Model in the page template based out of an application which uses portlets and taskflows in the content area?.

      The header should have main menu items populated from the navigation model.

      Upon selection of the menu item, the side bar should be populated with the submenu items of the menu item, from the navigation model.

      The detailed items of these subitems should be populated as we navigate through the content area. i.e. If the content placeholder is currently displaying sub1 only sub1 needs to be displayed in the Submenu1 and if sub2 is being displayed in the content area then both sub1 and sub2 are to be displayed.

      The links Menu1 , Menu2 could point to
      Either a Taskflow
      Or a portlet

      The links Submenu1 , Submenu2 could point to
      Either a Taskflow / a taskflow within a taskflow
      Or a portlet

      The links sub1 and sub2 could point to
      Either sub1.jsff & sub2.jsff , which are part of a taskflow that would be placed in the content area.
      Or sub1.jspx & sub2.jspx , which are part of a portlet that is built from JSF Navigation.

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