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    Tuxedo Patch Notes


      I'm working with a team who have a Tuxedo issue and are currently on 8.1.264

      Tuxedo errors being experienced (no space in bulletin board) may be addressed by a bug fix released with Tuxedo patch 272

      The problem is we can't find any release notes anywhere for patch version 272.

      Does anyone have any idea if patch notes are available and if so does anyone have a link.

      Much appreciated.

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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Gary,

          Your best bet will be to contact Oracle Customer Support. Tuxedo 8.1 is past its end of life, although I believe you can still get existing patches, and presumably a description of those patches. If the customer doesn't have sustaining support contract for Tuxedo, I'm not sure what their options are.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            Bob Finan-Oracle
            Hi Gary,
            There isn't anything in the release notes file related to fixes for rolling patch level 272.
            The releasenotes.txt file is cumulative( like the patchlev file). I checked the releasenotes.txt
            for the latest Tuxedo 8.1 rolling patch, RP376, and there is not anything for RP272.
            (you may do this yourself by downloading a RP276 patch from the MyOracleSupport portal and reviewing the files which are included)

            The patchlev file does not indicate anything about "no space in the bulletin board" fixes in the RP272 patch:
            272. CR223180 TUX8.1 - QA:T_CLIENT:adm210_T_CLIENT_CL.13101:command pclt prints Conversations Active with Error number
            272. CR273999 Tux8.1 - conversations cause unnecessary BB lock
            272. CR210439 TUX8.1 - Tux8.0rp321> Request to propagate the logic of env var FML_PRINT_NOHEX in Fprint.c/Fprint32.c from Tux6.5/7.1 to Tux8.0
            272. CR212293 TUX8.1 - GWTDOMAIN doesn't boot with LIBGW_CAT:3037: ERROR
            272. CR284096 Tuxedo 8.1 - 'LIBTUX_CAT:328: ERROR:' due to aborted transactions are not removed
            272. CR126954 TUX 8.0 - Enhancement request to include additional information in AUDITLOG
            272. CR179981 Tux8.0rp261 or above> enabling TM_GW_ENHANCED_AUDIT causes leftover TMGABORTED entries in transaction table leading to LIBTUX_CAT:328

            Do you think rolling patch level 272 contains the fix you want or is it some fix between RP264 and RP272?
            You may access the complete patchleve list here:
            TUX 8.1 - List of Rolling Patches - RP001 through RP376 (Doc ID 777608.1)

            Bob Finan