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    FRM-11009 color palette

      Dear all,

      I have windows server 2003 service pack 2 and developer suite 10g 32 bits

      when i try to open the form builder, it give the following error
      FRM-11009 Failed to load in the color plate.

      i try to google it and search the forums to solve it, but invain.

      can anybody help regarding this issue Please?

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          looking like it is a big issue!!
          i search the Internet, no help, ask forums , no answer.
          i will really appreciate any help.
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            This error is generally a PATH issue. Essentially, the Forms Builder can't find the .pal (Color Pallet) file.

            Have you modified the PATH since you installed Oracle Developer Suite (ODS) 10g? Do you have multiple Oracle installations on your Windows 2003 Server? In my experience, the Developer Suite PATH entries should appear first (after the Windows directories) before other Oracle path entries.

            You're right, this is not a common issue. Did you encounter any errors when you installed ODS? Did you install ODS as an Administator? Oracle products need to be installed as an Administrator so the settings changed by the installation will apply to all users.