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    CheckBoxTreeItem Expansion


      Is there a way to stop the expansion of non-leaf node CheckBoxTreeItem when the check box is clicked. Some of our trees are very large and we don't want the sub tree nodes expanded.

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          Jonathan Giles-Oracle
          I'm the developer behind this code but I had to go and double check this as I had no recollection of configuring the tree code to expand when the checkbox is selected. Fortunately for my sanity it appears I never did write that code - in my test app the tree items do not expand / collapse when the check is toggled. Perhaps you have code in your application that responds to the change in checked state and expands / collapses the branches? If not, please provide a simple test application that I can use to recreate the issue.

          -- Jonathan
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            Hey Jonathan,

            Thanks for the clue - I did found a 'select' that was selecting the tree item and causing the branch to expand.