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    ADF Mobile: Need design help

    Vik Kumar-Oracle

      I am showing a list of contacts in my adf mobile app. the component used is ListView where each list item is a rendered using a tablelayout having rowLayout.

      this looks good with a small arrow towards end of each entry in the list. on clicking any of the row i want to show more details on the next page.

      So where do i associate a listener to navigate to the next page fragment ?

      Please advise
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          This is a copy-pasta from my project:
           <amx:listView var="row" value="#{bindings.regisD.collectionModel}" fetchSize="#{bindings.regisD.rangeSize}"
                            dividerAttribute="dayname" dividerMode="all" id="lv1">
                <amx:listItem id="li1" action="goDetail">
                  <amx:setPropertyListener from="#{row.regisID}" to="#{pageFlowScope.regisID}" />
                  <amx:tableLayout width="100%" id="tl1">
                    <amx:rowLayout id="rl1">
                      <amx:cellFormat width="10px" rowSpan="2" id="cf1"/>
                      <amx:cellFormat width="60%" height="28px" id="cf2">
                        <amx:outputText value="#{row.displayStringActionDate}" id="ot2"/>
                      <amx:cellFormat width="10px" rowSpan="2" id="cf4"/>
                      <amx:cellFormat width="40%" halign="end" id="cf3">
                        <amx:outputText value="#{row.destination}" styleClass="adfmf-listItem-highlightText" id="ot3"/>
                    <amx:rowLayout id="rl2">
                      <amx:cellFormat width="60%" height="12px" id="cf5">
                        <amx:outputText value="#{row.codeAction}" styleClass="adfmf-listItem-captionText" id="ot4"/>
                      <amx:cellFormat width="40%" halign="end" id="cf6">
                        <amx:outputText value="#{row.quantity} #{viewcontrollerBundle.UUR}" styleClass="adfmf-listItem-captionText" id="ot5">
                          <amx:convertNumber minFractionDigits="2" maxFractionDigits="2"/>
          This part is what you are looking for :
          <amx:listItem id="li1" action="goDetail">
          the goDetail actions is defined in my taskflow and will navigate you to your next page.

          And this:
          <amx:setPropertyListener from="#{row.regisID}" to="#{pageFlowScope.regisID}" />
          Is used to pass the ID of the selected value to the next page so I can get the detail information.

          I think they also use it in the HR sample.