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    Items with out price


      I want to hide items doesn't have price in the istore customer interface.In currently customer interface showing both items with price and with out price.
      I just want to show only item with price only and need to keep the navigation also.In default , it load 20 items/process(0-20,20-40).so when i check price null in istore customer interface it will shows only items with price only but the issue is that the navigation getting fail....please help me on this.
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          The simplest solution is to setup the items with no prices with the Inventory attribute as Unpublished. Only published products are able to display in the Customer Application (storefront). You can set product's Published/Unpublished status in the Oracle iStore Site Administration Application or by changing the product's Web Status setting in Oracle Inventory ->Master Item form and the Web Option tab.

          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support
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            Is there is any way to update web status flag for items in istore front end using API.We have a number of items are there in istore.This set up I have all ready know.I am looking for any way to sorted out the issue in istore front end

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