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    Date difference in OIM and OID

      Hi All

      I am using OIM having ldap sync with OID

      users are getting ldap sync properly, but the issue is when i check the date fields lyk start date, end date, hiredate there is a one day diff in OID

      for example

      i have date fields values in oim lyk

      start date 28 February 2013
      end date 28 February 2023
      hire date 28 February 2013

      and i have values in oid as

      orclActiveStartDate 20130227230000z
      orclActiveEndDate 20230227230000z
      orclHireDate 20130227230000z

      i am observing that in oid date fields are storing as oim date field -1

      why it happens lyk that i am facing issues because of this

      please help me out from this

      Thanks & Regards

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