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    FR query -data not pulling.


      we have an issue with one of our Financial Report, which is in

      Report Background:

      wehave two grids point ot the same cube. ( It's an ASO cube)

      and there are mutilple prompts in the report. 2 prompts in the grid rows. which asks users to enter the scenario and Period.

      i have given the prompts as below
      Department prompts: D_1000,Years Prompt: FY13, Currency Prompt: USD ( at POV level)

      Prompt for Scenario: Actual, Prompt for Period: Jan

      Remaining all dimensions are kept in POV.

      Accounts are in rows & Scenarios, periods are in coloumns

      the data is not matching between in QTD & MTD ( i have selected Jan as period , so it should show the Jan values under QTD & MTD). i retrieved the same combination in Smartview at base level, and evrything is okay there ( data matched in all accounts between both MTD , QTD, YTD) but the data is not showing when i run the report

      i tried different optiosn by changing conditional formatting in that coloumn( Jan QTD ) , but no luck , Can any one please shed some light on this?