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    problems with displaying data in graphs

      Hi everybody,
      I built an adf application which contains graph binding then I deployed it succesfully but when I want to load this graph I get the following error in log server:

      <ImageViewRendererUtils> <renderXML> Could not export XML to ResponseWriter
      at oracle.dss.util.transform.CubicDataAccess.getValue(CubicDataAccess.java:908)
      at oracle.dss.util.transform.CubicDataAccess.getValue(CubicDataAccess.java:1448)
      at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.bi.util.DataAccessDecorator.getValue(DataAccessDecorator.java:53)
      at oracle.dss.graph.DataCallback.getValue(DataCallback.java:422)
      at oracle.dss.graph.DataCallback.getValue(DataCallback.java:379)

      Thanks for your help.

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          I get the same exception on a Graph. Were you able to resolve the issue?
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            I was having this same problem after having created a demo application that displays a
            graph of the employee salary data using Oracle's XE built-in HR database.

            I am using Jdeveloper

            After some experimenting, I found I could eliminate the error by changing the setting of
            CacheResults in the Iterator from the default <true> to false. Granted, this will affect performance, but
            it is a work-around. I think that the error is that the data from element is not being stored anywhere for
            the graph element to pick up (this may be due to partial-page rendering (ppr), but I am not sure.)

            Open your .jspx file in the editor. Select the graph component. Click on the Bindings tab at the bottom.
            You should see a binding between a graph component (under Bindings) to an Iterator (Executable) to
            a Data Control element.

            Click on the Iterator, and under Advanced, set the CacheResults to false and rerun the application.

            Hope this helps.
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              Awesome investigation and good suggestion.
              Ran into EXACT same problem and changing the CacheResults to false solves the null pointer exception.


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