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    Small doubts regarding devices and permissions

      Hill all,

      Continuing with my experiences with Oracle 11gR2 and Solaris 11, i came up with some "small" doubts regarding the permissions and owners of the devices to be used as ASM diskgroups. I was able to install Grid and the database, both, in a single-instance configuration, but i had a small issue when creatind the diskgroup for the database data (+DATA). I created 3 devices (VirtualBox) to be used in the +DATA dg, and gave the the "oracle:dba" owner, with the permission 660. My doubts are:

      1) It wouldn't be more correct to make the owner of the device the user grid? (grid:dba)

      2) The permission 660 to the devices is the correct, or recommended permission? It did work with this permission.

      Thanks in advance.