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    Oracle DB Polling Proxy not polling for records concurrently

    Vinay Krishnan
      Problem Description
      We have created a Polling Proxy on OSB from a DB Adapter with the below JCA parameters

      • PollingStrategy = "LogicalDeletePollingStrategy"
      • MarkReadColumn = "STATUS"
      • MarkReadValue = "S"
      • MarkReservedValue = "R${weblogic.Name-2}-${IP-2}-${instance}"
      • MarkUnreadValue = "R"
      • PollingInterval = "60"
      • MaxRaiseSize = "1"
      • MaxTransactionSize = "10"
      • NumberOfThreads = "1"
      • ReturnSingleResultSet = "false"

      The Proxy picks the records when the state change to "R" and updated the state value to "S". When the proxy fails for any reason the State of the record is changed to a Reserved State. When any record is in a reserved State the proxy does not pick other records that are in a State "R" until the row with the Reserved State is removed.

      This leaves all the other records un-processed......

      Are the JCA configurations correct in our case?

      Vinay V Krishnan