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    Multiple TaskFlow instances in the UIShell - popup and dynamic tab

      Hi all,

      I have strange situation with JDev
      First, I run the one, fragment based, bounded TF (named TF_A) in the one dynamic tab.
      Also, run another TF (named TF_B) in the second dynamic tab.
      Then, from that second dyn tab, I run second instance of the first TF, so TF_A, this time as a static region in the af:popup.

      However, the instance in the popup does not show the jsf fragment at all.
      This occurs _only when another instance of the same TF is already running elsewhere (on the first dynamic tab)
      Otherwise, the TF_A in the popup behaves properly.

      The TF_A does not have Controller transaction, and this behavior does not depend on the Sharing Data Controll setting. Is the same in both cases.
      I am able to close the popup, and the application continues to behave normally.

      Of course, there is no stackTrace anywhere.

      Any advice ?

      Anyone ?

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