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    Customizing Discrete Workstation


      I am trying to customize the lot number generation process in discrete workstation. I think it's based on the JAVA applet technology. Till now, I have been able to customize the lot number generation process. But for one scenario, I have to decide the lot expiration date after it has been selected. [User selects it from the LOV]

      For this, i have identified a class called LotUserInterface.java, this is the class which displays the interface when the Lot/Serial button is clicked in discrete work station. path: $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip/shopfloor/client.

      I'm nearly sure that this is the class which controls the GUI, because the class's code closely resembles the GUI formation and also the flow calls this class to render GUI when lot/serial button is clicked.

      But no matter what i do to this class, the changes just don't reflect in the GUI, even after an apache bounce or a forms server bounce.

      Do i have to perform any additional steps after modifying and compiling the java class?

      Please advice on this.


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          Well, i've found the answer for that problem. Actually there are pre-packaged jar files which are in $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip/jar. These contain the
          individual class files which govern the rendering of the GUI. When the GUI of discrete workstation is rendered, content from these jar files is read.

          So now my task is to generate a jar file same as the standard jar file, but with customized classes in it. $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip has a Makefile which can
          help me generate those JAR files. I've already tried with a Jar file generated with Jdeveloper. It's throwing an InvalidJarIndex Exception.

          These jar files can be generated in $WIP_TOP/java and then placed in $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip/jar.

          Kindly share any pointers for jar file generation.


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            Perform the following steps- They should resolve your issue:

            1. In $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip/jar, wippcb.jar should contain the code for Discrete Workstation.
            Extract the file using jar xf wippcb.jar.
            2. Two directories would be created META-INF/ and oracle/
            Delete the META-INF directory: rm -rf META-INF/
            3. Go to directory oracle/apps/wip/shopfloor/client and place your java file here and compile it
            4. Generate the wippcb.jar from oracle/ directory and keep it in $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/wip/jar
            jar cf wippcb.jar oracle/
            5. You would need to close the browser and restart the application for code changes to be effective.
            In Java console log, you'll see downloading wippcb.jar when you open discrete workstation for the first time after making above changes.
            This will confirm that your changes will be reflected.

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              I am searching for similar requirement of customizing discrete workstation. I have followed steps steps specified in the current thread. But have few questions: can any one please answer?

              1) where to write our custom logic?
              1.1) If in custom java file then how by extending that seeded class file or any other approach?
              1.2) If in seeded class file..then is it worth to decompile the file and add our custom logic into the file and(after compiling) putting on the server in the form of jar file?

              2) is there any way to find out from the launched applet which class file is actually called from the number of jars(and from collection of classes).?

              Please suggest...