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    Cloning Database without sys.aud$ table

      Hi all
      I just have one question regarding the table SYS.AUD$.
      Here is the Szenario we have:
      We just move the table AUD$ into a special tablespace and activate default Auditing on Production Databases.
      Now we clone our databases with rman duplicate database to Test environments.
      Customers does not want to duplicate the GB's of Auditing as well, so we think about to exclude the AUDITING Tablespace from cloning.
      But we guess its not possible to start DB without AUD$ table.
      How can we proceed to *"create" the table in e.g AUDITING Tablespace* with maybe 100M size that Oracle will accept this table and work normally if the audit_trail is set to NONE in pfile/spfile of TEST Environment.
      Is there any function to recreate the table aud$ (as I have seen in 10g to create table) ?

      thanks in advance