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    Importing few tables in ODI Source

      Hi all,

      I am new to odi. I am trying to use EBS as my source and local database as my target.

      I have created new source model for this EBS instance.

      My requirement is how to import particular tables from EBS in odi.

      When I am clicking Reverse Engineering in source model it takes more time and application were stopped.

      Pls help me regarding this.

      Thanks in advance.
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          A. Drieux
          you can do a selective reverse engineering by applying a MASK on the name of the resource you want to retrieve.

          Try to begin with a little lot of tables.
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            If you need get consistent business model from EBS, you can purchase ODI adapter for EBS...(not expensive), and you have loaded data very simple and fast.
            EBS has complicated data model, some columns has variable significance. If you need GL, there are about 12 tables.
            In EBS adapter for ODI you get model with business description (not perfect, but you get some important information).

            Have a nice day
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