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    Application(Oracle Toplink) Hang in Production Server

      Hi All,
      In my Application when running in production server it get hanged(that hang is due to toplink hang after i analyzed) .No Deadlock is found.And from application point of view there is no locking in that particular functionality.Please suggest some possible scenario that could make toplink hang.Below are the two thread dumps.

      Application Architecture is
      JSF & ADF(View)-Bean-Delegator-EJB Session Bean-Facade

      Production Server- Oracle Application Server

      From Thread Dump no deadlock is there,I am able to find some of the methods from my application level class except framework class from the thread exception stack trace but i am unable to detect the root cause taht means which type of code(possible causes that can lead to toplink related problem) can cause the toplink hang.Please suggest some advice.